Noob zenki


Just picked er up the first of the year, drove from harrow to Brampton to get it (bout 4 hours)
car was way worse than the kid made out to be… But I went there to get a car so I did hah.
black top
few arp/apexi parts in the top end (supposedly)
hsd coilovers
xs power cooler
battery out back
xxr 527’s 17/9.5
hks exhaust
hks bov

body is beat to shit, both all four corners have been hack patched (both fenders, and both quarters bondo blistering), rockers are non existent, roof is beat to shit from a portable garage collapsing on it(more than that)
when I was talking to the kid he said the only problem was some rust was starting on the rocker but nothng major…that Brampton salt sure works fast on cars apparently

anyways, what I’ve done
re ran all wiring done by PO
bumped out both fenders (caved in)
bumped out roof
fixed mad tyte drift camber to a more respectable angle
bought some rear 30mm overfenders (duraflex cheap shit)
front greddy style lip
got headlights working
got fans wired properly
change plugs
slammed er more

anywho here’s some pics of how she sits as of now

currently messing around with wheel fitment, PO wedged a 1.5" spacer up front, which I’ve removed for now till I figure out a more suitable and safe size
will be bringing the car to the shop this weekend hopefully to start on the body
overs will be molded on.
as for colour, I’m thinking a graphite/charcoal grey metallic…
anyways just saying what’s up!


Front lip is kinda cool,def need some skirts and valances or something to even things out.


I know this car


^What was the point of that post man?!^