Nortel Shooting

I was just talking to my fiance (who works at Nortel) and some dude just blasted himself in the head on the front lawn of Nortel.

Apperently it was a botched robbery nearby and cops cornered him at Nortel…and he panicked.

Nortel is under lockdown and no one is allowed to leave yet.

Welcome to Brampton.

I don’t see anything big on or Google News.

What kind of ‘blasted’ and ‘head’ are we talkin about here?

i heard this too

I was in one of our newsrooms when all of a sudden i heared yelling on the police radio saying “get out! get out of there!”. They chased this guy who had a gun and them him held up, he pointed the gun to his head and threatened to shoot, then boom, he did!

Damn these heat waves.

Yea I heard about this too. I went to lunch at the Wendy’s beside the place and there was a whole bunch of cops walking around. I had missed all the action though. If you call 4:15 a lunch.

And is Nortel owned by Rogers now? Or has Rogers just bought the building?

Rogers bought the building. Nortel is moving to office space on the 427 south.