NOS Energy Drink Challenge Video Series

I’ve had the privilege over the past few months to work with the team over at NOS Energy Drink putting together this fantastic video series. I’m extremely proud to have been involved with it and wanted to share it with everyone. We tasked 3 car guys to install 600cc sportbike motors into golf carts. They were given 24 hours to complete the challenge and then race. It was quite an amazing adventure and hope you enjoy!

NOS Energy Drink Challenge - Trailer

NOS Energy Drink Challenge - Episode 1

–> NEW - NOS Energy Drink Challenge - Episode 2 <–

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Lol, Marina’s doing the NOS challenge.

Wait til you see her drive one of them…J/K

So Episode 2 went up yesterday and things are getting interesting! Looks like Jeff and Nelson got ahead of themselves, Usic seems to be cool and collected and planning things before doing them.

NOS Energy Drink Challenge - Episode 2

Click Here for Episode 1

Episode 3 went up the other day, looks like Usic is lagging behind still in his build. Definitely would love to see more of the fabrication but damn they sound sweet!

Episode 3 of the NOS Challenge

Go Nelson…!!

lol marina got me an audition. I didn’t know what it was about and then they asked me if i can weld. fail.

That probably would have been me asking about the welding lol

Race video was put up yesterday, if you haven’t checked it out I would definitely suggest doing so. Now all I need to do is source myself an engine, cart and some time to get one of these for myself!

Nos Challenge - Race Video!!