NY about to pass strictest gun laws in nation


Not being semi auto exempts it


The print isn’t too fine, it says “It is semiautomatic AND Has one or more of the following military characteristics”


Ontario County voting on whether or not to officially oppose the SAFE act:


Canandaigua, N.Y.— On Tuesday night, Ontario County leaders took their first step to express their opposition over New York’s new gun law.

The county’s Government Operations and Improved Methods Committee met to vote on an official resolution to bring to the Board of Supervisors on February 14.

About two dozen county residents were also there to express their discontent over the state’s gun control law and to see what course the county would take.

In the end, the committee approved a resolution drafted by the Inter-County Association of Western New York and the Inter-County Legislative Committee of the Adirondacks.

The resolution states that the new law is “ viewed by many citizens of the State of New York as being extremely controversial as those citizens view this legislation as infringing upon their rights guaranteed to them under the second Amendment.”

The resolution also states the disappointment about the process in which the NY Safe Act was passed. It calls for “any future legislation which addresses the ownership of guns and sale of ammunition in the State of New York to be conducted only after an open debate… in which the public is allowed to participate.”

Mary Luckern, the chairwoman of the committee and Geneva supervisor, said she isn’t opposed to the gun law in its entirety. She mentioned there are good aspects of the law, but she feels several items need a second look.

Luckern said there are similar votes are taking place across the state.

“What we do here in the county isn’t going to change state laws, but this is occurring all over the state and they are taking action like we just did this afternoon,” she said.

Some supervisors hope there is power in numbers.

“If we can work as a group and have a unified expression of our dissatisfaction with the content [of the law], we may actually get people in Albany to listen,” said Rich Russell, the Canandaigua City Supervisor.

Some supporters of gun-rights at Tuesday meeting felt that the language of the approved resolution wasn’t strong enough.

They were in support of another resolution drafted by Seneca Supervisor John Sheppard. His draft resolution stated that the New York Sate Act is a violation of the Second Amendment. It also calls for the New York state legislature and governor to rescind the Safe Act.

Sheppard’s resolution was unanimously rejected by the committee. Russell said there were concerns regarding whether or not it was accurate to state that the Safe Act is unconstitutional.

This issue could be discussed at the Board of Supervisors meeting on February 14.

Geneva resident Woody Nepa was at the committee meeting Tuesday. He said that he’s glad the county’s supervisors are standing up for this issue.

“I’m very glad that our politicians are standing up for us, and they understand that we are very unhappy about what’s happening in Albany,” Nepa said.

He doesn’t know what would come of this resolution if the Board of Supervisors were to pass it next week. However, he is glad he’s getting a chance to voice his opinion.

“I’m managing my expectation, because I don’t think the political process is very efficient to say the least but at minimum I want our voice to be heard. Before we have to engage lawyers and class action lawsuits, which I’m sure other people I’m doing, I want our voices to be heard and I want to be a part of the process.”

The Ontario County Board of Supervisors will meet on Thursday, February 14 at 6:30 at the Ontario County Court House.

Particularly relevant for me as it’s my adopted county, now. (And, as I found out, the home of AR15.com, too). Let’s hope other counties join in.


I thought NY state had redefined “semiautomatic” and “military characteristics” as anything liberals deem as scary looking


Nah; ‘pump action’ still ≠ ‘semiautomatic’


Not that i’m aware of… When I went down there to the actual CMP store with my friend together we bought over $2k of ammo and there was no bulk discount, unfortunately. I think their view is that they only have a limited supply and are a non-profit; their goal is to keep people shooting for the fun of it and for marksmanship training, not for hoarders like me lol.


For bulk rates on ammo you don’t get a discount until you’re taking about spending $10,000 plus. I’ve already looked into it a while back.


Is it worth it to reload at this time?


I heard that bullets and powder are scarce as well.


i just picked one of these up. have you added anything to that barrel mounted rail yet? i’m looking to stick a flashlight on there or something.


Yeah, some companies are just plain shutting off NY because they don’t want to figure out the new law. I have received ammo from Midway USA, Cabelas and Sportsmen’s Guide…all ordered in the last couple weeks. Also ordered and received 10-round mags from Midway.

I did have Brownells cancel 2 different orders claiming they ran out before the orders could be fulfilled…even though their site had the one ammo in stock for an hour or more after my order was placed. Woman on the phone assured me they have not cut off NY.


Where did you get it from?


To: The citizens of Erie County From: The Erie County Sheriff’s Police Benevolent Association. The Erie County Sheriff’s PBA is the organization that represents the men and women of the Erie County Sheriff’s Police Services Division. All are sworn Deputy Sheriff’s and certified New York State police officers engaged in criminal law enforcement throughout Erie County. All have taken an oath… to uphold the Constitution of the United States. Our membership, like many citizens of New York are outraged at Governor Cuomo’s unprecedented attack on our second amendment rights. Since 1977 three Erie County Sheriff’s Deputies have been murdered and three wounded by gunfire in the line of duty. In addition two deputies have been forced to use deadly force to defend themselves from lethal attack by criminals. There is a widespread misconception that law enforcement officers favor additional restrictions on firearms ownership by law abiding citizens. Nothing could be further from the truth. Rank and file police officers see every day the aftermath of violent criminal attacks on defenseless victims. The uniformed police officers paraded out as window dressing during the signing of these laws are simply lap dogs seeking to further their own political ambitions. The right of self-defense is an inherent right bestowed upon us by our creator. It is not granted to us by elitist politicians like Andrew Cuomo and Sheldon Silver to be denied when they see fit. Do not be misled; the second amendment is not about hunting or target shooting. It is about the right of law abiding citizens to defend themselves and is the last line of defense against an over reaching and tyrannical government. The NYS Safe Act was rammed through the legislature by Cuomo ignoring the usual three day requirement for elected representatives to be able to review the legislation and receive feedback from their constituents. It is nothing more than a tool used by Cuomo to further his personal political ambitions. This law will do nothing to reduce violent crime, as it is painfully clear that those intent on victimizing others will ignore its provisions. It will simply create more victims. It is time for all New Yorkers to wake up. We must confront the societal breakdowns which cause the type of horrific mass shootings incidents we have recently seen, many of which are directly caused by the very policies that politicians like Cuomo seek to advance. On January 24, 2013 the Erie County Sheriff’s PBA unanimously passed a resolution of non-support for the NYS Safe Act. We will work tirelessly to see this law overturned. We commend and will support those elected officials with the courage to oppose this misguided law and condemn those that did not. We are citizens first and police officers second. We do not pick and choose which amendments of the United States Constitutions we will uphold. Politicians who swear an oath to uphold the constitution should do the same.

Eric County Sheriff PBA is on your side. The side of the people. Don’t let the media fool you, there is a REASON we have a second amendment. Look up the definition of reason. -Mort

I guess I know who I’m donating to for the next few years.

And from Tim Howard himself:


A Message from Sheriff Tim Howard

January 31, 2013 - Our state already had some of the toughest gun laws in the nation and with the stroke of a pen our State Legislature and Governor made them even more restrictive last month, all in the name of making us safer. I don’t believe for one minute that Governor Cuomo did this to protect us; rather he rammed this bill through for his own personal agenda, so he could be the first out of the gate to thump his chest and say how restrictive gun laws are in New York , thus beating President Obama to the punch.

It is no secret Andrew Cuomo wants to be a presidential candidate in 2016. He took a very emotional event in our nation (the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut) and the unrelated murders of two first responders in Webster, NY and wrapped his constricting gun legislation around them like a bow, hand delivering it to the NYS legislature in a sweeping package that, in my opinion, infringes on every American’s constitutional right to bear arms.

We as citizens never even had an opportunity to respond to the proposed bill with our input; even law enforcement wasn’t consulted on this. In my opinion, this new law is proof of what gun rights people have been saying all along - that registration is a precursor to confiscation. We have landed on a slippery slope allowing the government to start tinkering with our second amendment rights - what comes next?

Let’s point the finger where it belongs - on mental health. Not one of these new restrictions would or could have stopped the massacre at that elementary school or in Webster, NY. The common denominator in these shootings has been a mentally disturbed person. The government should look to making it easier for people to access mental health services. (If anybody has a family member who suffers from mental illness – you know how hard it is to get good competent help).

Let’s pass responsible laws regarding mental health issues. Give police the right to know about any resident with a mental health history that constitutes a danger to an individual or community, especially those that must remain on medications to maintain their mental health. Different mental illnesses call for different response by police. Resume civil confinement of persons with mental illnesses that constitute a danger to a community (Police in Webster, NY did not know the history of the perpetrator who had earlier killed his grandmother with a hammer). Wasn’t it then-Governor Mario Cuomo (Governor Andrew Cuomo’s father) who closed psychiatric centers and turned them into prisons - which the state is now closing due to declining population caused by faulty parole and probation policies?

“The pen is mightier than the sword” is an old adage. But in this case it (the pen) is mightier than guns, because thanks to our Governor, he has restricted even more law abiding citizens’ rights to bear arms by a mere stroke of his pen.


Haven’t had time to yet. I ordered a light but its sitting on my desk still haha.


wtf… doesnt show on their site?


this was on tues night, stuff sells out fast, keep an eye on-


This whole run on ammo is craziness… not that I can blame anybody, lol.

I feel naked not having any damn .223/5.56! I have everything but… unfortunately my new safe just illustrates how much more I should have, haha


They had some yesterday morning it was gone in two hrs


I picked up some at Gander Mountain yesterday. Limited to three boxes.


What time and how much $? I was there at 3 and all they had were a few $30 per 20 boxes