Obama bails out unions too?


So now stuff produced by middle class workers is going to cost more, and that is really going to help the american economy, as we continue to raise the costs associated with production of goods. And people wonder why everything is made in China.

SSShhhh! It’s change. Do you want to see this country fail or something? Damn anti-American.

PS, James Hoffa is that Jimmy Hoffa’s son.

I know, but I didn’t want people coming in here and saying “They found him?!!!”

And I thought we already discussed how its the unions that are responsible for cars NOT costing $4000. (amongst other things, but they’d definitely be cheaper otherwise)

Yeah, not too sure about this one… :picard:

EDIT - Is this supposed to raise wages? What exactly makes you assume that this will raise costs?

If i had to guess, he wants to increase the capital distribution. This is generated by charging a premium for manufactured products.

However, this only works if the product is superior to others. This is frequently not the case…

Unions + more bargaining leverage + white house support + obama wanting middle class to earn more = wages increasing.

= Cost of goods increasing

= more people buying cheap Chinese stuff

Of the White House Task Force on Middle Class Working Families, Obama said, “We’re not forgetting the poor. They are going to be front and center, because they, too, share our American Dream.”

Hey President Dipshit, The unions are NOT the poor!

so you don’t feel that the unions are one of the key ways that poor people with little education can become solid middle class?

No, because the more power you give unions over US companies the more those US companies either go out of business or move jobs overseas.

I’m not exactly pro-union after how out of control and corrupt they have become (IMO)… but I do understand their purpose and value.

and you dodged my question…


I’m here to save shit.


It just gets better and better and its only been a week :slight_smile:

3 years 51 Weeks and counting.

Theres my favorite word again with this administration…Transparent…too bad its only after the fact.

I am going to start a list. First he shuts GITMO, then he gives his first interview to a Muslim TV channel. You can’t make this shit up. lol

Yeah, right up until they drive millions of jobs overseas and destroy the country… oh wait, that already happened.

Why is the first interview such a big deal? He jumped into his job and started working right away. Our international relations are more important than a fucking news interview.

We didn’t start whining until Bush’s policies started noticably fucking up the country.

^Too bad.