October Wedding Attire...

Help! I am going to a wedding next Saturday. It is in St. Pete, Florida. I have never been to a fall wedding and am unsure of what to wear. I may be going out today to get something… any suggestions. Its for a young couple and I want to keep it nice but also age appropriate.

With lots of bling for BurnyD…

Hahahah, your asking a bunch of guys for this info? May want to check one of your frequented girlie forums :wink:

What time of day is the wedding? That is usually more the determing factor on what you wear to a wedding. If the reception takes place during the day then a cocktail dress is more acceptable. If the wedding is more towards the evening then a formal dress is more appropriate. Now if the reception is a black wedding then you would probably be informed already via the invitiation.

To stay with Fall you would probably want to go with a purple, yellow or green. IMO

bday suit always works.

I am asking because a great deal of the guys on here have been married, have been to a wedding, or have girlfriends. I’m sorry if none of the above apply to you ZexAccord.

Thanks Whitey, the wedding is in the afternoon with an evening cocktail reception.

I got a knee length strapless dress with dark purples and dark dark pinks. I will wear something over the shoulders for the wedding and show the shoulders for the reception.

what ever you decide on. minus the pantys and post pictures jenn :slight_smile:

We went to a wedding this past Saturday. I wore a navy blue dress and Dom wore a black shirt (big surprise, right?) and dark grey pants. It doesn’t seem like people really observe the fashion etiquette for weddings. There were lots of people in jeans at both this wedding and my own last month. The dress you got sounds nice, and I agree with wearing a shawl or something since it might get cold in the evening.

Mr Rogers style sweater FTMFW :dunno:

I have a nice November outdoor morning wedding. Don’t know what the hell I’m going to wear to that!

Yeah at our wedding in summer 06 my wife was a little frustrated with a couple people. One girl wore a bright white dress to our wedding, which my wife thought was weird (only the bride is supposed to wear a white dress) and then her cousin came in ripped jeans and a hollister t-shirt.

It’s way easier for guys. A suit pretty much covers you, anytime, anywhere.

I can’t really help, but I wouldn’t over-think it. If it’s not a beach wedding, held on the sand, it shouldn’t be much different than one in any other part of the country, just a little warmer.

Nice jeans and a sweater was fine; however, there were a few people in jeans and t-shirts. That irritated me. How much harder is it to put on a decent shirt? One would think that on a 50 degree day people would want to wear something warmer than a t-shirt. Oh well. So Jenn, as long as you don’t wear jeans and a t-shirt I’m sure you’ll be just fine :slight_smile:

Denim at a wedding is pathetic, unless you are trying to insult the bride and groom, there is no reason for that.

If you don’t own a suit, at least wear dress pants and a collared shirt. A tie would be nice, but nobody is perfect.

yeah, unless the wedding is outside, you better atleast put on some dockers, and even that is a little white trash.

Our wedding was outside, and the kid wearing jeans doesnt own anything nice lol. So i didnt give a shit. My Uncle was in jeans, but he was helping behind the scenes with stuff so I didnt mind that either. I tried to wear Jeans and a nice shirt to that wedding but I wasnt allowed lol.

First, the fact that whitey knows the appropriate attire and colors is scary. :smiley:

Second, anything less than semi-formal to formal wear is inappropriate for a wedding unless the invitation specifically says “casual wear”. A black or dark suit for men or cocktail dress of neutral or fall colors for women is more than adequate for late fall weddings.

Oh from what I understand pretty much anything goes for outside weddings. I was just talking about formal weddings at a nice church.

you seem to know a lot about the subject yourself. :homo:


i’m not wearing a suit… fuck all that… shirt and tie shall suffice.