«OFFICIAL» BBQ & Burnouts 3! - June 1st 2014 *PICS & VIDS!*


Went through the same checkpoint. With my “inspection sticker”, and god awful loud exhaust they let me go with a “have a nice day”


you guys were better off.

Josh lead us another way home and i hit a pot hole that cost me a tire and a dented rim… also, cody’s trailer got mangled on that same pot hole.

fix it ticket is much cheaper.


They gave me a ticket on the way down, I didnt go through the chek point either. Inspection tickets are not fix it tickets, some towns used to treat them like fix it tickets but they never really were.


It’s fall, we should do this again before people put their cars away.




Will people give up Sunday football?


I would not personally. Saturday is a better day this time of year.


Football I could give up on Sunday, it’s the whole sweatpants & recliner thing that might be an issue. :tup:


I work Saturdays :frowning:


Man, there’s nothing worse than stepping out in public with a boner in sweat pants…


I’m definitely in. My car is almost done so I’d like to get to at least one meet this year.


Bump. @llink78 tagged me on FB about this event and I was checking out the pics in this thread :+1:

Fells like this was 10 years ago. Hope that pot hole has been fixed by now @bing :thinking: