«OFFICIAL» BBQ & Burnouts 3! - June 1st 2014 *PICS & VIDS!*


Onyx video FAIL

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Great to meet you man…Caddy is awesome!

My gf enjoyed meeting your lady :tup:


Oh, you need to be friends with Cody to view them… Let me see if he can make them public.


2 out of 3 aint bad…


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Those Facebook vids should be public now :tup:


some of that footage is rad as hell…


LOL…no, I had house things that needed tending to…looks like it was an awesome time!!!


Same here mang :tup: Will have to bring the C6 out next time


Heard you were gardening, lol.


I actually have no video editing software on my desktop computer at the moment or I’d have some vids up already.


Anyone else have pics from the cruise up there besides rob? Anyone get a shot of the blue e46? I have zero shots of my car.


Sorry Tom, I should have gotten some at the show for you :frowning:


I took a few there. Was hoping for something rolling on the ride there. Every pic i have is a parked shot.


Just a little (See attached)…LOL.


Looking through the pics I got, im in the same boat.

Anyone get any pics/vids of the other white 240?


You went out on track when I was inside the tower. I didn’t manage to get my camera out in time :frowning:


Now I have to go back to Eville?!? Why can’t I just take care of this stupid ticket through the mail?


Mailed my fix it in. Exhaust is back off.


$193 for my inspection ticket in Evil. Seems a bit excessive. I will have to send a letter of apology for endangering the people of Ellicottville. Thank God the police are bringing criminals like me to justice!


P-car tax on the ticket LOL.


That thought did cross my mind.