«OFFICIAL» BBQ & Burnouts 3! - June 1st 2014 *PICS & VIDS!*


I hear ya, there was a lot going on there at times. Ill go back to rolling on the stock 17’s though. Im sure we can get a few runs in this summer.


I was not enjoying being at the back of the pack…got stuck with a lot of “other” traffic the whole way down.




You moved pretty good. I have a feeling I’m done for once you lose the spare wheels and tools :slight_smile: But i am pretty much stock.


Pics for @hursdad
















Curious what happened? Few laps hear a boom and off you went. We passed you on the 219 coming back to buffalo!

I also have a vid of you out there ill upload it.


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TY! Eh, not really lol. I just built it for something to tinker with and do some AutoX/Track days if I can ever get to that point. Just ordered the last bit of parts to hopefully get it dialed in pretty decent and ready for my first event.


Idk what happen. Ive been working on it since January and just finished the fabricating and got it running 10:30pm Saturday, that’s prolly why it quit running. I didn’t even have any gauges in it. haha


Vid should be up shortly. If it ever uploads.

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What you mean to say is you want to take your car from 2800lbs to 2200lbs. Makes sense to me.


hey chooch, I saw you there and was gonna come say hi but didn’t have your number anymore and it didn’t look liked you remembered me hahaha. So I just creeped on that sexy miata from the distance :tup: on the burnout!


Meh, I wouldn’t say 2800lbs. Maybe 2500-ish.

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How could I forget such an ugly face? :lol: I didn’t see you though, should’ve came and said hi man! Been a while.


I was trying to keep some of the #RicerExcuses in there for you. haha


they told me the stock runflats suck and that @MPD47 could cure this condition.



Same here i can shed another 300 pounds without the passenger and other junk. 20# alone swapping out the wheels.


Wish I could have made this. Any bikes come out?



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Great time…too bad I had to head out to the beach before I got a chance to rip the V on the track. Got hassled at the checkpoint for a good 20 minutes on my way out because I passed an off-duty cop doing 10 under the speed limit and he called in that I was driving recklessly.