«OFFICIAL» BBQ & Burnouts 3! - June 1st 2014 *PICS & VIDS!*


Damn it! We went to EBC for some food and refreshing drinks after instead.

Thanks @Xander! nice seeing you guys as well. Car didn’t do THAT bad considering I just tossed it together and got it going then made that commute lol.


I have a bunch, I will upload them later on.


Looks like a great turnout. Wish I could have made it. Hockey played the roll this year.


Other than my car being a POS I had a blast. The track was well maintained, the owner was very nice. I want to give a shout out to the Canadian drifters that were setup next to me for their help, really cool group of people.

Thank you, Ill check back later for them.


I was a little disappointed with the large variety of cars that showed up. I wish we could have had 100 of the same 3 kinds of cars and sat around at a park doing nothing. :slight_smile:


had a blast yesterday. didnt do half bad at legitimitely trying to drift for the first time. need a lot more entering speed though. but ill play more when the other car is done. wanted to get a complete lap burnout done but the tires had too much abuse at that point.

many embeddings!
@bing- 2 sessions combined in 1 video


Roush Drifting part 1

Roush Drifting and 1/2 track Burnouts

GO PRO view of above session ^ from front fender


@IanK making some fender smoke


@bing looked great out there. @02NismoSpecV your go pro vid at the end / rolling burnout = :tup:


I have a video of your car hursdad. I’ll upload what I have later.


short clip of @GV1390



Nice vids and photos… looks like a great time. Any mishaps?


I went off the track and into the tires, had to be pushed out. Really didnt do much damage. It broke a couple zip ties and its gonna take me some time to clean up the bumper a bit. For the first time out and really every pushing the car not in a straight line, it was fun though. Id do it again…



Thank you


If anyone has video of the mr2 the first time out id love it. I didnt want to try drifting the car, but from a couple picturse here i seemed to have a decent powerslide of a few turns. Would be nice to see it in motion.

Josh, seemed like everyone had a great time. If you throw another one of these later this year id do what I can to make it out.


I’m editing the videos I got of the runs from our cruise. Should have them up shortly…


Ha, the 1st or 2nd run when I went to chase you guys I went from 2nd to 5th, whoops! Sloppy shifter FTL. My car hated me after yesterday, lol.


HAHA, you crept right up to us at the end.

edit- the video quality isn’t great because I forgot to turn my filter off and the sound got washed out by the wind.

Run 1:


Run 2:



idc what you do, we were in Mexico lol. I guess I should’ve just played with the car more before just tossing it together and coming to beat on it, oh well.

Edit: Kinda off topic sorta, but I’d like to run that 330i one of these nights when I don’t have a passenger, tools, extra wheels, 80 degrees out, etc lol. #RicerExcuses


I just updated both videos so they are good to go!


I’m down whenever.


Sweet! I feel bad, I went to go introduce myself to you guys and then got distracted and forgot.

Maybe one night after TeaLeaf or Food trucks.