«OFFICIAL» BBQ & Burnouts 3! - June 1st 2014 *PICS & VIDS!*


I had SPF50. You should have asked.


I have a tan (burn) line from my watch and the bracelet I had to wear at the gate :frowning:

I also have loads of pictures from the cruise and meet that I’m working on putting up.


I was trying to get a good base!


I’ll have more tomorrow:

The moment Cody @ls6s13 lost his bumper:

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Had a good time, thanks to everyone who organized this! I’m still amazed how grippy that concrete was lol and my nose is burnt. :confused:

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Also, that 997 line up was legit. :tup:


i would rather have gone through the check point than hit that pothole on the route back we took.

i didnt even need to change my tires after today but that pothole took a huge chunk out and dented my rear wheel… WTF!!!

almost caused cody to lose his S13 on the trailer too…



^^ I like that one :tup:


I took zero pictures but had a good time. :slight_smile:


Thanks dude! I have a vid of gennaro’s not quite burnout, and Newman telling him why don’t you just do them in the grass hahaha


I took a few pictures…

If I didn’t get your car, I apologize, I was having battery issues all day on my camera and still working on the settings. Feel free to use these if it’s your car! :tup: I also have originals if you would like any. I think the Chooch mobile won the day for my pictures…lol

Also, I have vids from the cruise that I’m working on cleaning up, but the sound quality is terrible. Totally washed out by wind.


I got tagged for loud exhaust on the way home. The cop told me my muffler was too loud. I informed her yhat she was incorrect, as I had none to be too loud…


Thanks for the pics @BOBBYGRV very informative! :lol:

On a side note, two things that would’ve made it feel complete:
@IanK doing a heater and @07shelby’s baked goods.



Did anyone happen to get any pics or vid of my white 240 coupe drifting? I was only out in the beginning of the day for about 5 mins.


Ian ripped on the track eventually… it was many awesomings.


Looks like a good time. Some day I’ll go to one of these.


I would have loved to go but I had company for the day. Hopefully next time, and yes I will bring desserts! I know Bing was dissappointed too.


Thanks for the pics guys!

Good times, good times. I got a good start to my farmer tan for the year, that’s for sure. @bing drifting the M3 around was pretty damn sweet. @theblue in the vette as well. @IanK for even taking his low and loud M3 on the track. @GV1390 for some good heaters in that miata. @02NismoSpecV for doing a 1/2 way around the track heater. :tspry:



You missed it! Fender burnouts & loud noises.

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I know I missed it out there.


Was a good day, great catching up with some people I haven’t seen in a long time. I’m excited to see how to footage from the front of my truck turned out as a chase cam for Cody and Bing.