«OFFICIAL» BBQ & Burnouts 3! - June 1st 2014 *PICS & VIDS!*


Your private, can’t see anything in the link.

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I must be slow. can’t find anywhere to throw the password in. :frowning:


Great day…I def. would do some more meets there. Super cool spot for sure. :tup: to the organizers and track for hosting us.


I changed the link … Im dumb and shouldn’t use a computer


Saw no troopers anywhere back on the 219 from track to Springville. My guest is a trooper so I wasn’t all that worried. :slight_smile:


Ha a lot of fun. Hope to see a few more things happen this summer.


Had a lot of fun. Im so burnt hah


Me getting pulled over seems to be a tradition at this point. :slight_smile: good times though.
I think I heard banjos on X’s route home. I think Ian was avoiding land mines.

it was also fun watching the double and triple takes at Ian’s car.


Come on. You got pulled over this year too? Boo hiss.


Yep, inspection. Kind of lame but rules are rules I suppose.


outside of having to replace a few zip ties and the 99% chance of getting skin cancer, today was awesome!




Dawn I take it you made it home?


Thanks everyone for coming out! And thanks to Ronnie @Chapel_Hill_Raceway for hosting us!

I’ll get some video up later :tup:



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I have some pretty good screenshots from video I’m working on


My father in law went and had a blast watching you guys hoon



Mike’s #racetruck



That was fun


I still feel like I am outside…my skin is on fire


I would love to say farmer tan but right now it’s more of a farmer burn.

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