«OFFICIAL» BBQ & Burnouts 3! - June 1st 2014 *PICS & VIDS!*


Yea I just posted over on fb my car is not 100% might need a push start and delta has to have 100 or I wont be making the trip I guess we will find out in the am.


heading down a half dozen+ deep of Canadians…

see you at Denny’s brahs


They do. Posted it a page ago. They also carry 91 ethenol free.


That’s easy, pick whichever is more clean :tup:

There are plenty of people to help push start at least.



They are both clean. Lol. Coin flip in the am


@LZ1 I see what you did there, ass.

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I’m ready.

Weird how you can’t see my bike or lift in the background of this pic lol.




Fuck clean. Ill be there with my beat ass primered MR2


Someone make sure @IanK is awake!


where are you going to be in springville?? I was debating on sitting in Carson’s parking lot to take pictures


Im sure he has been up for hours. He said he might even be productive this am.

On another note. Bmw SES light came on last light. Of course the car has been solid for the last year. Oh well drove great last night still.


While I am kicking myself…I’m out today. :frowning:

It’s going to be an awesome day and a great time. Enjoy everyone!!!


Don’t tell us you can’t go because @cougarspeed 's car isn’t done… :slight_smile:


That depends if they are getting off at 39 or are taking the 219 expressway to the end. @onyxz32

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All the way to the end. That new section of the 219 is awesome.

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30min until the Buffalo cruise starts to meet :tup:

I know some of the Canadian guys are delayed but on their way still.


You’re late Josh.


Inspection sticker check coming out of evil just a heads up



In that right now. There was a sheriff sitting on the road right outside the track too.

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Like shooting fish in a barrel