«OFFICIAL» BBQ & Burnouts 3! - June 1st 2014 *PICS & VIDS!*


I gotta figure out how to transport two wheels with me since the miss is coming, not much room in a Miata.


Top down and strap to the rear deck over the top.



I’d rather put 87 in my car than that shit.



Speaking of your car, is the NYSpeed Civic crew coming?


I’m in, EvoMR is more than likely coming, Oldwheel drifter is kicking around the idea, and Jaeg dawg was thinking about it too.



Shockwave179 is organizing it, I think they’re meeting at 10am somewhere?

And if anyone wants to cruise from the Cleveland area, I’ll be leaving a bratenahl around 11am :slight_smile:


I will caravan with Xando if he doesn’t mind be followed by an old man in a boring looking Carrera S.





Planning on washing mine this afternoon.


Has anyone been on 219 ? It was all torn up 2 weeks ago from Boston until the new part


It’s on the previous page.


Yea I decided to actually read the other posts after I posted :lol:


Fixed. :smiley:



lol nice, what about the Vette crew? @LZ1 @Joe?


I was actually planning on coming out with the new Caddy. Maybe even toss it around the track a bit.


I will meet up with u guys at 10:30 I think Gennero is driving the miata out to.



@DrDoS? @turbociv? These are two cars that should be able to make a smoke show no problem right?


Last i heard TurboCiv was not coming.


I am torn as to what to drive since neither is 100%…first world problems…ugh