«OFFICIAL» BBQ & Burnouts 3! - June 1st 2014 *PICS & VIDS!*


I don’t care which way we go, I’ll get arrested either way.

I just went 400 to Sardina on Memorial Day and it was fine, I have simply had more issues going down 219 - old 219 but realistically its the same route, highway to small B roads.

Lets go whatever way is the easiest.


That was March…we still had snow on the ground. They have patched it pretty well since then…

It doesn’t matter matter to me because I most likely am not going to be driving, just offering my input on my most recent drive there.


Lol car still as loud as last year?

This was with 55 series winter sidewalls. I’d be shocked if they were able to fix it in entirety. I’ll take your word for it though.


Significantly louder


^ Nice.


I’m getting word that the 219 isn’t bad from a few people. It saves 30min on the trip from the 400 route so we might just do that.
@LZ1 if you scout it out definitely let us know, thanks! :tup:


As we speak they are paving the first lane (Boston/Concord) so all traffic is in the “old” lane. Not sure how far along they will be by Sunday, probably still in old lane.


If you do the 400-16 route, DO NOT SPEED IN ARCADE. They will literally pull you over and write you for 32 in a 30 there, 10 feet after the 55MPH zone.

I was supposed to drive a Lamborghini that day at the Ralph but now they are asking me to change my date. May be in for this!


Weather for Sunday:





Sounds about right. :wink:


So it’s just that section then. And no word if it’s paved or not.


Hopefully I’ll have a few things done on the car by Sunday. I don’t care what way we go but my current tires are smoked so I’ll be taking it slow. Wouldn’t want a repeat of last year… As far as the condition of the 219, I haven’t been on it in about 3 weeks but every time I drive on it (Hamburg to Springville) I immediately regret my decision.


Could you just fly the nyspeed copter over the proposed routes and report back?


I’m sure blue eyed devil has a surveillance drone floating around somewhere


Dont know what I am driving or where I am leaving from, but booze and maybach music sounds aight


We won’t be doing a back roads cruise. Direct route this time around.

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Shots from the 219:



Doesn’t look half bad.


Car is tuned finally. Cleaning it tomorrow and putting air in the burnout wheels then I’ll be ready. :tup: