«OFFICIAL» BBQ & Burnouts 3! - June 1st 2014 *PICS & VIDS!*


I’m pretty sure Josh wouldn’t even turn down riding mowers… actually riding mower might make for some good racing here.


Yeah definitely.

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Beer / alcohol is also now BYO! - the track will have some but they said it’s cool if people want to bring their own.


yooooo yoooo! This weekend is going to be a blastttt! got a few bad ass karts to come put on a show sunday also! Sooooooo Saturday night shall be quite wild, ik of a few ppl bringing campers and motorhomes lol. stocked up on beer for sat night so come enjoy! we will have some fires going, volley ball, can jam, horse shoes maybe frizby golf. and of coarse if you just want to come have your own fire by all means do it uppp. ill have music and stuff already there but how would anyone feel about live music sat night for those that are camping??? me and some friends will be camping fri night also if anyone is in the area and looking for something to doo.


I don’t know anyone who’s going to camp yet, but it’s early in the week still. I might be able to depending on if my car is out of the body shop or not.


Are there any cruises organized yet?


Yes, not finalized yet though. Looks like some people will be taking the 400 down instead of the 219 due to road conditions.


No real plan so far.


I think the road conditions on rt 240 are pretty good, it’s fun drive taking 240 to 242.

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it’s shit right now


I just drove the route today … 219 is still tore up btwn hamburg and rice… but may be done by Sunday by the looks of it … I would say you are all safe to run the 219 all the way down …

^^ Whats the deal with Saturday night … can we just show up and hang? I’m in East Otto and if I’m not doing anything could prob swing out.

Also what about kids … $10 for each ?? (yall knew I had to ask)


The ///m won’t be done in time, mind if I ride shotty? I’ll bring beer and Ricky Ross


yeah there will be people camping sat night and hanging out so yeah just come on down. and we will do something cheap or free for kids!


I’m offering a meeting / starting point at my house (Derby) if anyone’s interested. We can have coffee and donuts and decide on a route from there. Let me know.


I think we’re going to need to have a meet spot closer to the city, thanks though.

I want to sort this out today.

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What do you guys think:

400 -> 16 -> 98 into Great Valley?

Or do we do the 219 or a 240 / 242 combo?

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Just that section is iffy? If the rest of the route has been fixed then 219 would be easiest the whole way.

Anyone else have updated 219 observations?


I say 400,16,98. But that’s lots of little towns for @IanK to get pulled over in :slight_smile: part of the 219 interstate sucks and the 219 section leading into Eville is also iffy. Lots of holes and ruts last time I went that way.


I’ve asked around for 219 updates. I’m sure someone drives it every day.

Do we know that the 400,16,98 route isn’t also shot to shit?


I’m pretty sure all the roads out there will have their issues.

If I get some free time on lunch I might run down the 219 and back.


I take the 400 and 16 every week. They are both good all the way past holland, lime lake, and into franklinville. Past that I don’t know.


I really think some of you might be surprised to find that the 219 isn’t as bad as everyone is saying. Like I said before, when Josh and I went down, it wasn’t bad. That was almost 2 months ago and they have only gotten better.


Not that bad? I took 219 in March to go to HV and it was easily the worst road I’ve ever driven on anywhere in WNY/CNY/FLX. The only part that was decent was the new concrete section at the very end. Granted the freeze thaw this year was awful but it looked like there hadn’t been any maintenance effort in years.