«OFFICIAL» BBQ & Burnouts 3! - June 1st 2014 *PICS & VIDS!*


I meant to take the 219 into Springville and then hit up the 39 and so on.


Someone better find a construction schedule or plot an alternate route


Honestly, the route that Josh and I took the day we went to survey the track wasn’t bad. Granted we were in my 4x4 truck, we didn’t see roads that were too terrible or impassable by even a lowered car. We took the 219 all the way and it wasn’t bad. This was just about 2 months ago…

At least this was the route that Josh was looking to use unless he changed that up…


Yea the 219 out of springville gets pretty bad. Are there any good back roads from there to Ellicottville? Even the 219 out of buffalo is getting bad. But iv been on worse.

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What about taking the 400 to 16. During busy weekends in ellicottville we take this way to my cabin to avoid all the traffic on the 219. The speed limit varies 40-55 most of the way. Go through a few small villages. Pass through Holland, pass Lime Lake. Its about a hour and 10 min drive from the Maple Exit of the 400. So around a hour 1/2 total time if we can leave from either the seneca street entrance or union rd entrance.

Just throwing out an Alt route. I could care less which way we go :slight_smile: my car is a pile anyways.


If there is a smoother route and people don’t mind going a little out of the way, why not.


I still have tires on 16" 5x114.5 wheels if someone wants to burn them off :tup:


I have 4 225-45-17’s that are almost at the wear bars. Anyone want em for next Sunday? Picked em up from 91mr2 over the winter but was an impulse pick up. FOR FREE!!!


I’d def take 400 out, at this point who cares about the speed, I get pulled over at the speed limit haha


Sounds good, I’m down for that way.


Right, im over Springville with 5 different jurisdictions of cops, and the roads have been shit for a while…unless you have a Cummins.


Well anyone else want to hit the 400 way? We can gas up and meet at tony romes on union right at the 400 entrance. Be ready to leave around 1030?


Come to my shop Saturday for free heater tires.




Totally forgot about this, did you post location in your other thread yet?


881 S Division St Buffalo, NY 14204
Updated main thread. Sorry.


Less than 1 week! :mpd:





LOL nice…

anybody from Rochester going and want to cruise out?




Are bikes welcome to the show?