Official: SR vs. KA vs. CA vs. RB vs. VQ vs. LSx


A kA is 2.4L and an SR is 2.0L, Of course the KA is going to make more torque with similar turbo setups. There is none of this 1% you speak of, there are plenty of KA-T’s around!


I’m just using the 1% as the people I know with 240’s. I know one guy right now that has a KA but is swapping for an SR. Not saying it as the entire population of 240 owners, and Randy, the only reason I would really buy an SR swap is for the little plus on the gas mileage.


so worried about gas mileage, but not worried about dumping a wack load of money in KA-T build… i am confuse!!! gah!


HAAA, that made me lol real hard. Yes, mpg>moneys. The KA-T builds gonna happen over the length of a year or two, if I even decide to go turbo, might just keep it stock but looking shiny with a few goodies to give it a little oomf.


Edit: ooooops, posted by accident while creeping this thread. Hi guys.

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