Picked up a Sharp Aquos LC-26D6U last night from BestBuy. Get it home, fire it up and am completely underwhelmed by the pic. Not that sharp, which is the whole reason for buying an LCD. Nice enough, but not what I shelled out for. In BestBuy, the pic was STUNNING. Better than real life. At home, not so much.

Am I correct in thinking that the picture will be so/so unless it gets an HD signal? Pretty much like the outgoing non HD TV? I need to get on the horn with Adelphia and get an HD package? This thing has a built in HD tuner, it’s ready to roll, but somehow I thought it would be better than it is even without the HD signal.

maybe the picture needs adjusted a little bit :dunno:

Ha, yeah, I’ve been telling my wife that exact thing as she is a about ready to tear me a new asshole for spending this kind of coin and having a marginally better picture. But I’ve messed with it quite a bit and I canNOT seem to improve the pic.

When you see them on display at the store, the pic is phenomenal. And there are several in the Pepperwood Grill at the Westmoreland Mall that are equally stunning. I NEED that quality of picture or I’m going to be living with the fury of a woman scorned

That is the downside of the new higher resolution. When the source signal doesn’t have enough resolution to fill the video engine, the picture can be disappointing.

I would recommend going to Radio Shack and buying a small amplified UHF antenna (HD bandwidth). This will let your tuner impress you and find the local OTA HD stations…2.1, 4.1, 11.1, 11.2, 13.1, 13.3, 22.1, 40.1 and occasionnally 19.1.

Good websites:

enter your zip and see local reports:

antenna recommendations with channel azmiuths to your location

PS Buy a Sony next time :spank: that where I work

A little more detail for you:

Connect your DVD player using the Red Green Blue video outputs and you’ll have 480p (480 lines of res with progressive update) Get a good ant HD signal and you’ll be looking at 1080i (1080 lines of res with an interlaced update)

HD DVD is on the way! Save your extra $ for Blu Ray and you will be impressed!

FYI - Playstation 3 will have Blu Ray Technology

ie - great gaming and HiDef DVD in one unit

xbox 360 is already hd

For gaming yes, but xbox 360 is not HD for DVD format.

PS3 will be 1080 prgressive with dual HDMI outputs.

Okay, good stuff, thanks for the pointers and the help.

But…Goddammit, I’m paying a shitload for my digital cable/DVR and now I’m chasing OTA signal?
Or are you saying it’s a good way to roll until I get my HD cable package operational? Calling Adelphia at lunch today…

it’s not like i care one way or another… but it is hd out… so if you just get a HD dvd and play it, how isn’t it hd? to my understanding it is 1080…

To get the picture in the store you need HD channels. It doesnt matter if you get them from your cable subscriber or from an antenna. At home my rents have a 57" Panasonic and it makes a world of a difference watching a steeler game on channel 6 KDKA (non-HD) compared to 212 KDKA (HD).
Its awesome.

even without an hdtv you can still watch the hd channels and the picture is still far superior… i think it’s only with the newer cable boxes though that have dvr in them(from comcast at least)

So that’s it in a nutshell. Okay, I’ll grab the antenna while I wait for Adelphia to do their thing…

quit watchin tv and start workin on that car!

No pistons, no work to do. Well, I could drop the engine, run new brakes lines, build a new wiring harness and rebuild the gearbox, but without an engine none of that’s worth anything. Damn Jose at LRE is taking forfuckingever on those Wiseco’s…

wtf… lay the smack down.

i got some extra hardlines if you want them… i’d be happy to never bend line again. grab that tranny off vwcabby… :slight_smile:

swing down friday if you’re bored.

my husband bought some “monster” cables for our plasma tv’s, supposed to make it more clear than the wimpy cables they came w/? :dunno: I have no clue what they hook to what tho…

Currently all DVD’s are source 480p…some players have upconversion circuitry that allow up to 720p, but it is not true Hi definition.

Toshiba will be marketing HD Dvd and Sony will be Blu Ray Technology. These will be Hi definition source code DVD’s. There is a noticeable difference.

Try it and see…ant should be under $30

Monster is good stuff, especially when you’re going more than 2 meters.