ok, who let the banana out? *56k*

This past sunday i gave the evo the whole detail job… claybar, polish, wax… yada yada and here is how she looks!


:ohnoes: :headbang:
and as they sleep together

I <3 teh taxi. Pretties.

Very nice :tup:

Nice shield for the exhaust there, been meaning to do that.


very nice pics!


Do mine, BiTcHeZ.

last pic - ugh.


:tup: looks good

EDIT** wrong thread, ur car looks puuurty

bring ur car over tom

come on man, do you even drive that thing? The only pictures I have seen of that car are in your driveway.

looks hot though. oh and tdown to you for getting the ‘who let the dogs out’ song in my head.

Looks good, man Evo’s are really multiplying around here lately.

uhm yes i drive it… i dont take it to school because i dont trust the idiots in the parking lot there and i dont take it to work because of the same reason… no1 will bother my DD so i dont have to worry about it… rathewr be safe than sorry

What I meant by that is why dont you take it somewhere and snap some pics of it? I mean just look at your sig pic. Thats the exact same picture basically as the first one you posted. Im sure some people can tell you a few good spots to grab some pics in the area.

oh… i had to go to work shortly after lol… plus im lazy during the week i have no time really

lookin hot. must be rough being the second fastest in the garage though :cry: :smiley:

and whatever happened to that beratta of yours? I know you still have it, should get that in the sig as well.

yep thats my dd, you can see part of it in 1st pic

lol fcku mike… im getting there dont u worry, stock turbo is going byebye soon

awesome man!

what a piece :P, looks good as always!

man that cobra has some fatass tires