Ok, whos the retard

that drove into the pillar infront of wings over albany.

i was :rofl as i drove by alittle after nine pm last night

Edit: found something on cbs 6


SSSSSSSSSSSSSSS was delivering Tony some cannolis and BLEW his SS sideways into it.

lmao, bound to happen eventually.

OFMG can’t believe I missed that. I live 4 minutes away :rofl :rofl :rofl that’s GREAT

:haha:lol:lol +rep worthly


THAT sucks! hahahaha!

and it will happen again! LOL

Same wtf!!! :rofl

thats what i had for dinner last night

im gonna blow my SS sideways into your vette next time were on a cruise.

your little bug bra on the front bumper is only gonna help you o so much.

I would bet it was TDI Pete :eek

i loled at that.

also at bug bra.

reps to u both

i dunt deliver in guilderland. i deliver in latham.


PS - WOA is awesome!


Considering that you’ll be able to BLIZZOW it sideways from a 100 roll this year, I wouldent doubt it!

Doing bottle or cam? or both?

ya forgot about the mirror bras too :rofl

Cam only baby

…i drove into a telephone pole today with the Maroon S14 :lol