old pc stuff

was goin thru all the crap in my room and found 2 towers. could anyone here use this stuff? i know the one was a pII 300mhz, the other one i’m not sure of. they are just taking up space but at the same time i just don’t wanna throw them away if someone could use it.

host up some porn :tup:

il take the hard drives :snky:

If one of them works ill take it.

I am looking for something super standalone that will be quite and manage to run itunes and nothing more.

and ill just take both if they are half decent towers.

last i used it the pII one worked…you’ll definitly want to reformat it tho, it got slowed down by ALOT of shit on it, i just got a new computer and its sat ever since. where are u located minglor?

I hide way out in lockport.
I’ll drive out your way tues. night if possible?

yea that could work, i’m off tommorow

got any info on the other one? I might want it


I’m pretty sure a PII 300 isn’t going to run itunes.

itunes needs -

  • Windows XP or 2000 (latest service packs recommended)
  • 500 MHz Pentium class processor or better
  • QuickTime 7.0.4 (included)
  • 256MB RAM

I still say i can get it to run it.

itll run with xp

hell i ran a topnotch mohaa server on a 200 mhz intel with 128 ram.