OMG HI!!!!!

Hi my name’s jam and i have a 94 jetta vr6 and i deliver pizzas. i’m mostly on, but i was on that “other site” for a while and there are some pretty large choncers on there sooo… ya.

WTF is a choncer?

BWHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHA…i could see u getting all mad asking that…

made me laugh loud at work :rofl:

hello, welcome to tha boards!

jam i am!! whats up dude. heard you are sick?

Shaddup fruity-ass… :shoot:


ya sick as a dog right now…i think i got the flu. btw, a “choncer” can be described as this guy.

Pop that collar y0!!

oh shut up bitch…

define or face a 3 day ban :slight_smile:

Did you guys know that he has the only 94 “Wolfsburg” Jetta in the USA?

Of course I call B.S. until I see some proof. Bitch.:bsflag:

CHAUNCER… hold on i’ll get teh link…


also can be used as:

Chauncer, Chauncy, Chaunce-Dey-Lee-Once

used in a sentance:

Look at the chauncer in the pink polo hitting on that fat chick


nice popped collar chauncy

lol. I live with this guy. He’s no chauncer.

i know i am mearly giving the definition to those not inclined

i know. i was just giving a personal testemonial.

the dude in the myspace link = straight up chaunce

Newman you are a fucking chauncer…

you know what?


Sup FOO!!! :beer2: