Ordered an 2007 Z-06 today!!!!!! But......

Doubt it will really happen.they wrote on the deal agree to sell at MSRP since most go for 5-10K over.I told them I am not paying sticker for the car,and went there because of all the Business I send/sent to Paddock they would really take care of me on the price.I told them it had better be less then sticker they said over the phone we’ll make it happen.The sticker on the car is $74,250 mine was 60,200.I paid like $50K even after the GM discount.If they give me $48k or so for my car in on a trade, I will still owe $26K!!! + any addition sales tax.Would be an extra 2,800, so like 28,800 to get into the Z.I’m going to tell them $25K out the door and see what they say.

$48K for a trade in? What are you driving now?

If it doesn’t happen.

I vote STS-V. Gosh I love how those cars look.

2006 convertable,yo.

i like that… idea. umm so nice

Awesome man i hope you get it :tup:

Better idea…


bwhaaha :wink:

I hope everything works out for you and you’re able to get the Z :smiley:

dude, just buy a F430 for like 10-20K over sticker…nelsonexotics.com

No F430’s on there.

call them…they find them…and then charge you for the service…they’re upfront about their markups…they’re charging 30-40K over sticker for the verts…and I think 10-20 over for the hardtops

If you really want the car you should be happy paying sticker price seeing as most sell for much more

I decided I’m not going to go through w/ it so if anyone wants this car here is the info.Amherst Chevrolet,Amherst NY.716-564-2844 Talk to Dave Celeste.
They want to give me $48K for my Vert(said they have it sold for 47K and want the car Monday,even tho I wouldn’t get the Z until early August.)Said they would be losing a grand there and were going to give me another grand off the Z.It would still be like $30K and my car for the Z,To me not worth it and I’m pretty sure I can get the car at GMS within the next yr.To me, it’s worth a little wait to save $12K+ and drive around the Vert.
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Thats too bad… sorry to hear that… cant wait to see that car when it comes out tho… gonna be sooooooooo sexy!

aw man, sorry to hear… at least you got a plan to get one, def gotta update this w/pics when you do :tup:

what’s your SN on the vette forums?

same as on here.Just can’t justify paying full sticker when I should be able to get a discount maybe as soon as winter.I originally had plans of giving the 06 to the wife in 07 and getting an 08Z.Have to wait and see tho.