PA Emissions for a Turbo

My first turbo vehicle. I was wondering if i take my muffler off, and just do a turndown after my cat. will it pass emissions?? A couple guys in CA pass emissions with their trucks, but I’m not sure if there are regulations in PA, also will a car with no muffler pass inspection?

if you get classic plates(15 years) you dont even need an emmission sticker cat, egr ect

my 92 ty is going that way in 2007

do you have an aftermarket starter on your truck?? or a aftermarket ignition??? cause mine seems to be going down the common SyTy path of dead startup.

yes lt1 mini starter-hi torque

96 up impala, camaro, your choice of gm truck suv-
ask pewter he knows which ones and probablly has several or can get you a new one

ehhh I don’t know about dumps, I think I remember that’s illegal, not for the noise though

to pass your exhaust MUST pass last functioning window/ door … So a turn down will not pass visual unless after front doors in a coupe or rears in a sedan.

Some places bitch if it doesnt come to the rear bumper

[QUOTE=Dick Starbucks;498936][/QUOTE]

then its gotta look showroom stock and no mods…technically to quality for classic plates. got to take like 4 pics of the car and it must be stock to qualify. thats what they told me as i was gonna do that

but i guess after u qualify, i suppose it dont matter what else happens to it. i dont think they check and i have seen soo many cars with mods on it that aint stock and still have classic plates so w/e

it will pass if you have the turn down after the cab… and gut the cat also.

you two arnt listening\

i dont have a cat and run open dump

and nothing cept the block is showroom stock

it doesnt matter because with classic plates you are now emissions exempt

the funniest part is when they try to depth gauge the drag radials and relize they cant:rofl:

and nothing cept the block is showroom stock

then technically you shouldnt have those plates…but oh well

they dont requie a picture of the engine
if they did just for shits and giggles,
do you think they know what block, turbo, mods you really have???
do you think they can tell by a picture??
do they know the difference between a 5.7 and a 6.0??

then techically they arnt very technical

has to appear stock from teh outside is what i always heard…wasnt sure on interior and doubt under the hood or under the car matter

what 5.7 u talking of,they both appear differant than a 6.0!:blue:

doesnt matter-

they will not look , they dont ask, they dont know-

point of the thread is pa emissions,
and with classic plates which he is eligable for
-make him exempt to

wait, are you saying I can register my 90’ 240sx as a classic? Thats awesome, cuz that shit is BONE stock on the outside. Under the hood is a different story :slight_smile: