Paul Walker Dies In Car Accident - New: Documentary


Single car crash today. He was 40. No more fast and furious.


Go home you’re drunk

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Hold the phones. May be a hoax.


What? TMZ is not a reputable news source???


Haha believe it or not.

      • Updated - - - appears to be true.




It’s false


i keep seeing. I think its true


still pretty fresh, more info to come i’m sure.


Good night sweet prince




I doubt it. Tmz is a reliable news source for sure…said no one ever. And to top it off it was posted 2 days ago by them. I highly doubt this kind of news would go days without a mention anywhere.


He never had his car…


Hoax possibly? if not did they finish filming the next movie?


100 shot of NOS actually DID break the intake welds…


Yeah and I’m sure that picture where that guy is standing right next to the supposed flaming wreckage is legit too haha


The pic is 100% legit. His death is 100% legit. His agent has posted it is legit and his official FB page confirmed it as well. Shitty.


Confirmed by Paul’s Facebook and twitter accounts.


RIP buster

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