PICS: A real nice example of what to build

This heisei san nen (1991) Nissan S13 is a fine example of what my tuners are capable of building. The S13 is basically a purpose built street/circuit car.

This particular car was completely torn down to a shell. It was then spot welded/riveted all around to promote strengthening. The exterior paint was done by a group called autohouse paint factory and the quality shows in the deep color. The powertrain was pieced together utilizing a Feast prepped and assembled long block assembly and a Greddy six speed transmission. The other periphial engine components are all but a mystery…

Jesus titty-fuking christ, that’s hot.

Specs of wheels?

Those fenders give it the new mustang look.

… nice car though, wheels are amazing.

Nice colour…and it’s got my cluster! :slight_smile:

Not a fan of the wing the rest is sexy though.

I want the tires.

Looks awesome.

GAT posts the nicest sheeot evar!

for more pics of the above car.

I don’t think there’s a 6-speed box in there. Seems a little odd to pull six gears out of an S13 SR.

Benefits of living in JPN.