Pics from Rotorfest

I ran into a few other fools that think beerkegs make good motors. I snapped a few pics and then went off to have my car tuned. The tuning went well, but it caused me to forget about the camera and the batteries died. The event was much larger than this, but I’m an idiot and didn’t get more pics.

thats a whole lotta hotness

FD Hotness

The only ones I like are the least ricey

Yours and the black one

Not a big fan of the J-Spec front end, different though

Stock body lines are best

WOW. that silver 1 with the lower lip is hot

oh man… my pants would not be dry walking around there

musta been a fun ride home :wink:

nice pics

UNNNnnn. Amazing looking cars.

so… was it dyno tuned or just butt dyno?


Street tuned. You wanna verify that it was done right? :smiley:


where was this held?

Island Dragway, Great Meadows, NJ


3-spoke 4 LIFE

Nice! Damn you for not charging your camera more!!!

thats all u got? i was expecting more :stuck_out_tongue: looks like it was a good time tho, i’ll have to check out your car when i get back in town

your motors are dumb. get the fuck out with your dumb motors. rotors are dumb, they sound like they’re so dumb.

I see newman got kicked out of the wrong side of the bed :stuck_out_tongue:


i heart the JDM front…

No FCs, fook you. haha

the more and more i see of the FDEEEDness, the more i love them!!!


Maybe Taffy’s Sunday…