Pics of meets past and present

Wondering if someone has a pic of your car from a meet? Find them here! Thanks again josh for keeping everything organized!
OMG my car haha

No Prob. These pics have been sitting on my comupter for years just waiting for a place to put them where everyone could see them! :tup:

Where are the pics from this past meet at Taffy’s?

I need more spaaaaacccccceeeeee!! :slight_smile:

working on it

Thanks :slight_smile:

Ha! And on my birthday at that
glad i took the nose mask off…i like my black one better

I used to have pictures of last year at NYIRP but not anymore.

Wow, I found this, it seems like sooo long ago already, where has all the time gone… It will be fun to look back on this pic in like 20 years and reflect on this…remember the good ol days.

Thanks to Josh for taking these pics all the time and keeping them :tup:


Damn, I miss those times. These days there is nothing going on…

yea things haven’t really been quite the same since btc closed… it was just a perfect spot to go to

You do realize there is a good cafe in the same place with some pretty good bubbletea right? :stuck_out_tongue:

whats stopping people from going there now? I liked the old BTC and all but I really love bao’s food :smiley:

i thought the owners of bao didn’t want us to be there?

oh, i dunno, well whats wrong with nyspeed going there… its only like 15 people anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

:frowning: I miss my A4, and being in Buffalo, and BTC. Nice to see the pics though!

haha, good pics

remember that it wasn’t bt that wanted everyone out, it was all the other places like gorino’s - i wouldn’t partake in any meets there, i don’t want any tickets. what’s wrong with the mighty lot, anyways?