Where is the Summer of 2002 crew?

It’s been awhile since I’ve gone to any meets. I passed Mighty last night, and saw (SlowCarFastDriver) Adam’s car in the lot. No sign of anyone outside though.

Maybe I’m wondering about the forum politics and gossip a bit, but I’ll keep it to myself.

So, when do you guys show up to meets?
People like the following come to mind:
Justin (MShadow)
Dave (MPower) and his buddies (ToeF#ck, etc.)
Andy with the red Civic (99 Civic Si)
Tom (FunkyLemons)
Desmond, Jeff, Shawn and friends…

That’s all I can think of. Where is everyone?

I don’t usually go to meets much - I venture out to Taffy’s once every so often.

My car is still in not so good shape so until i get all the bugs worked out I will lay low and drink.

Maybe I’ll have a cookout or something later in the summer. I have a house to myself now. Howie, you KNOW I can cook up some mean hot dogs!

Ohhhh I don’t get mention :frowning:

No stang no care :lol:

Those were the glory days baby!

Me and the Skunk were talking about this actually.

The scene has realllyy died out the past 2 years. It began with losing BTC, then last year the weather was wayyy too poopy to do anything until like September. Some people have moved away, gotten full time jobs, haven’t had time etc. Kinda sucks. Mighty isn’t THAT good of a place to chill. There was something almost cozy and private about the BTC lot. Who knows, maybe it’ll pick up, maybe it wont.

I’m still here :wave:

And the new spot is Taffy’s every Sunday night :tup:

meets these days with most the people you mentioned are at O to drink or a perticular house or something, not really a general meet

although taffys on sunday nights does draw cars

people just kinda stopped going to mighty

i roll by every now and then, but noones ever there

taffys is like the only meetup anymore…

Someone IMed me from your AIM once, but never told me who they were. :confused:

eh…i’ve been to taffy’s a few times…other than that…i’ve been going on a bunch of road trips…that’s about it

as for cam…he’s working a lot during this summer…then back to school he goes

Yeah some snky snky chick started hittin people up on my AIM name.

Stupid hot chicks!

Hot Chick: “Hi, I’m on a scavenger hunt, and I need a human foot?”
Peter: “Well, As a rule I would say no, but okay come in.”

Peter: Procedes to begin sawing off foot. . .
“So, uh, this is what this is like for a school project or, ah, aghhhhhh!”

gas is too expensive to drive out to mighy…oh what do i care…i have been busy moving into my new apt

i myself stopped coming around cause i dont really have a car to cruise in anymore. i saw dave (mpower) a few months ago, and i saw other dave (99saturnsc2?) last night. dont know why they dont come around anymore.

pummy what about me??

no mention for 93pgt either :frowning:

:lol: no one saw you, weren’t you like locked away in a basement or something at that point?

i made the occasional appearance at mighty when i was let out of the basement…


ehem… LAFENGAS as well… ?

La Fengus? Never heard of him. :lol: Yes, you too, josh. And Audios. And Danielle. And SupaSteve. And Chris. And… Jay? Is that you hiding behind a different user name?

(And my complete lack of grammar in all these sentence fragments, starting with a conjunction no less.)

the grammar king forgot how to use it…yes its Chris