Pics of my new motor

still some work to do but hre she is, basically its a 350 4 bolt .30 over with a 383 stroke.

Looks good:tup:

damn dirty lookin good!

reminds me of the begining of family matters

edit - i love youtube

Missing something?

at first i was like WTF jam and then i saw it. i thinkin of not hooking um yhe linkage so they just kind of spin endlessly while i drive.

no comments on the color?

yeah, i must have left it at your place. be a pal and drop it off for me. in all actuallity i have a blower but no manifold or front pulleys or any of that shit so its kind of useless.

in person, it looks much, much better, and i love the valve covers. t up buddy.

is that scoop thingy the domestic version of an interfooler?

thanks jam, now i have the family matters them song stuck in my head. i guess it’s my own damn fault for clicking that link. :tup: on the motor though

no sir. its just suppose to stick out of the hood, and suck in cold air, linkage from that connect to the carb linkage and opens the same as the butterflies on the carb.

lol me too man, just noticed it. didnt really bother me :tup:


STFU , as you can see i handled it. lol can u pleeeeeeeeeeeease get pushrods now? and clean all the accesories and get it running? kthx. =D

please? the car looks so sad with the cover on it with hubcaps where there was once a motor…

pushrods are not important.

Shoulda been orange.

everyone has orange tho. and black and blue and red. it was a toss up between daytona yellow and plum purple.

EDIT: I see it’s purple now. Looked blue initially.

looks good man

I saw a 80’s cutless with the “bugcatcher” sticking through the hood… and thought, “man, that guy must have not touched that car since the mid 80s, and/or he’s proably older and thinks its stil cool.”

I didnt think people still put those on a engine, let alone a non supercharged one. But, to each there own.

Any specs? what kind of heads are them?