Playstation 4

So my wife got me one for my 30th birthday. I also got call of duty ghosts. I just beat the game a little while ago and was trying to play online but its saying the server is down. Anyone else having this problem?

User name is Jason_518

It was released in europe today and like its debut in the usa the sony servers got overworked with updates that it crashed. Sony also temporarily suspendedthe redemtion voucher system for the psn store so if you have any gift cards youll have to wit to use them until they lift it.

Been playing Warframe since launch; Hit me up if anyone is playing.

Have Killzone, Knack, and got Need for Speed today. Liking all three so far. Just activated psplus trial today, and downloaded resogun. I still need to try Warframe, but Blacklight Retribution was awesome when I played it on pc.

BF4 thats all I use it for.

I want toknow how warframe is. That would be the game to make me buy a ps4(aside from FO4 coming soon)


Madden 25
COD Ghosts
AC Black Flag
NBA 2k14

Send me an invite if any of you wanna play. Please include shift user name so I know who I’m playing with.

Anyone else pickup NFS rivals? Being a cop is wicked fun. Get to ram the racers, like old NFS, but with weapons kind of like Blur.

F2P mostly co-op (can solo or pvp) squad base 3rd person view space ninja shooter with highly customizitable warframe/weapon mechanics. Think 3rd person view diablo with guns in space.

I am completely hook on this, had the KZ:SF which I installed just to test my PS4 disk drive is not broken :rofl. Not a game for everyone and don’t think it is worth buying the PS4 just for that since you can play it on PC.

[ame=“”]Warframe - Alad V Trailer (PlayStation 4) - YouTube[/ame]

I believe Warframe is free through Steam still too

As much as pc games rule over the consoles in terms ofgraphics and options im still a console game fag. If thats how that game is then im in. Who wouldnt want to play as a space walking rifle toting ninja?

I think the last pc game i played was mechwarrior 3, and i was so hoping a mech warrior game would hit the sony console

As far as PC goes, I am looking forward to the steam box and the steam OS; I am for anything that takes Windows out of the PC gaming equation.

The steam box will be priced at 500 bones for the low end and as high as a grand or more rocking a 780ti or titian GPU.

I’m fine with my pc two GTX 760’s FTW in SLI is enough with 4 gigs of vram to handle anything you throw at it.

But I’ll admit the PS4 is better than I thought it would be.

Tried finding a ps4 today…no luck (big surprise there)