Pontiac G8 LS3 Techs?


A guy I know has a G8 and took it it to a “GM guy” who claims his motor is probably shot. I haven’t seen the car, but the things he’s been told by this guy raise a few eyebrows. Enough so that I suggested he get a 2nd opinion. For example; the tech needs “6 special tools” to remove the harmonic balancer which appears to be wobbling and may have “ruined the engine.” And the tech doesn’t want to buy them just to work on this specific car.

Anyone have any recommendations? @LZ1


hes a gm guy yet needs special tools he dosent have to work on a gm? its an ls, I would be going to a real mechanic, not this guy


Special tools ie 100$ Kobalt tools set from Lowe’s :joy:


Late to the thread here but WTF? I pulled mine with a standard puller and pinned and installed my super damper with no issues on my G8. I may even have that damper laying around still…
As far as the engine being shot if its noisy these cars are known for failed lifters with the DOD system, and if thats what happened the engine is probably a total loss.


Turns out the problem was that the tech installed the wrong TPS or CAS… Can’t remember which off hand. I guess AutoZone gave them a part for an LS but not the LS3.


Makes sense. If he continues to have issues the plugs on the tps are known for going bad, I had to replace mine. The new pigtail has to be soldered, otherwise you might still have issues.