portable car a/c???

I was just wondering about this…

since I have no a/c in my s10 and the one car that doesn’t have a/c isn’t drivable the question came up in my head.

Does anyone make a portable type of a/c that you can plug into your cig lighter to use in ur non-a/c car? I know they make portable heaters, I have one… so why not a/c?

I’m not sure if it’s made, but with a little ingenuity, I’m SURE it can be done.

If it isn’t made, why not get to the drawing board, and see if you can build one yourself, and possibly patent it, and make a few bucks?

Umm… a portable A/C unit would cause a HUGE drain on your electric system.

There was a post somewhere where this guy put a freakin’ room A/C unit into his pickup…