Post a pic of you doing something stupid

Yeah, let’s try to keep it work safe…

OG stupid pic :

you look mad skinn…mad young y0 :smiley:

what can i say… i’m a baller.
this was from when i was collecting donations from people on ditb. a kid on that board said that for $300, he would let me kick him in the nuts as hard as i can. we got the money together, but he wouldn’t allow it. rats.

not really stupid, more along the lines of funny, but anyway…

pic was taken infront of some shop in Venice, Italy

I dont know what I was thinking

me neither…

with a post like that… your just asking for a spanking
I wasn’t sober.

I love the way you spank my ass Jack

specially just wearing this hat

It was ZOO day!

Im doing the … um… slightly less stupid thing.

^Bwahahaha I remember that night.

i sooo need to jsut get some hosting…


btw, is that you, howie?

dude, i know you.

oh and… me boxing people out and actually WANTING to catch the garter (and succeeding)

u look like evolve

oh do i? interesting. lol

u look really drunk, too.

ahhhh so many pictures of me being stupid… unfortunatly I have none of them.

holy shit silly…who’s wedding was that? :snky: If I’m right about this one the coincidence chart will be off the fuckin meter

anyways…since this picture has already been posted