Post the Most Recent picture of your car (PICS ONLY)


^ So it was you guys at that pioneer eh haha.

Here’s current pictures of the 240:

And here’s what’s getting me from A to B in the meantime while I look for a new s-chassis:

In other words, if anyone needs s13 parts, I might be your guy before I get rid of the car.

And if anyone has any leads on a clean 240 for sale, hit me up plz.


^ DUDE you should be honestly staying the fuck away from clean 240’s if you drive like that! That thing looks like a beauty and your just going to scrap it…people like you is how theres less and LESS of these on the road…FIX IT


^ cars get crashed, sometimes clean and sometimes rusty. Trying to “save the clean ones” is retarded, lol. Buy a shell and keep rocking.


^ Ordum - do you have a picture from the side. How high is the front end up to get the motor in from below? I’m planning on replacing my powersteering rack and pulling the motor this winter. I like the idea of pulling the motor with the subframe.

rules - nothing recent just another bike pic


Sorry, I dont. If you measure the bottom of your crossmember to the top of your valve cover, add the height whatever you’re putting under the driveline to roll it out (move the driveline, not the car) you should get an approximate.

It was awkwardly high. I had no exhaust on and the bottom of my stock rear bumper was an inch away from the ground lol.


is the back on wheels or stands?


Wheels. I don’t think I would want to risk having the car slide off jack stands. If I were to do it again I would probably just raise the rear of the car up by putting wood/bricks underneath the wheels and then chock them securely.


Ya, that was me in the white S14 you were talking to. Damage doesn’t look to bad. If anything, pull the quarter back out, replace any broken drivetrain/suspension bits. Pick up a cheap SR, driftcar! lol


Thank you :smiley:


Finally looking like a car again! Still need to do the engine harness tho.

Edit: and change those rad hoses blue to black.


thats hot


Before stickers



purchased car friday started to do shit nothing fancy, just plasti dipped and s15 dash swap no big deal


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I need air


Jon,I love your car,but it looks like a toy with all that camber :wink:


Almost finished, still a few little things to do in the engine bay. Needs a serious wash too!

Still a huge to do list for the exterior… shieeeeeeeeet


Is that a wing, or molded in? I like it.


It’s molded in. Needs some serious TLC though, such as the rest of the exterior ahaha.

Slightly different angle that shows it a little bit better: