post your latest purchase


Hey Roland, whats up???


Not much Chad. How about you? Been a while huh?


same old shit.


Those at the BRA will understand LOL!!!


Jamis Kromo. Rides like a big bmx bike.


AJE bump steer kit and 1 piece steering shaft. Pretty bad when you have to buy parts just to be able to steer the car into your garage to work on it.


Dewalt DW310K 12 Amp corded reciprocating saw


I have that saw… its awesome





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I have a $14 harbor freight saw that I use a lot, but it’s not ricer yellow. :slight_smile:


nice, how about a pic next time, retard. All that time in those computer classes and you can’t figure out how to post a pic on a website. :slap:


Why post the tool cutting off catalytic converters for insane profit ? :kekegay:

Edit: 77redneck. you are a pedo, want to buy a haiti kid "to go play motorcycling in the woods " ?


Got em lightning fast! go AJE. Nice pieces.


I finally ordered the coilovers for my Z06. I think I’ve had these ordered, or had a “deal” arranged on a used set about 4 times when something happened (dealer never filled the order, private party deal fell-through, etc). My buddy’s shop that’s been doing all the work on my Z became a dealer for Pfadt so I think the order will finally stick this time, haha.

While making the Pfadt order we also put in for a set of their Spherical Control Arm Bearings:

To go w/ the Control Arm Bushings we have the rear lower shock mounts as well (the rear lower shock mount is the only “bushing” left at this point):

Also having Pfadt supply SFK upgraded wheel bearings. I’ve eaten a few wheel bearings already, and it’s pretty common w/ the C5/6 design. Even scarier than just the bearing failure is that the OEM/stock replacement style bearings are known to have the flange break off too (then the only thing keeping the wheel on the car is the caliper)!!! We opted for the upgraded APR wheel-studs as well:

So that’s the cool stuff, for the ‘tow rig’ picked up some shit that it’s not worth posting pictures of (trailer brake wiring kit, brake controller, etc). I got a nice strap set though that’s been highly recommended from other 'vette racers. They have the T-hook sewn in so it’s all together, works perfect for the 'vette, and less likely to lose part of the setup - also not worth a pic though.

Finally, since I plan to take it wheeling (and to my cabin in Idaho) I got some 19" HSE wheels for my RRS SC (the factory 19s are the smallest non-custom wheel that will fit over the Supercharge’s Brembos) for an off-road wheel/tire setup. I’ll probably rattle-can 'em black cuz I’m classy like that. For tires I ordered Goodyear MT/Rs in 255/55-19:



Heresy, man, fucking heresy.


HAHAHAHA. I still ride the FBM. I haven’t gone completely to the other side.


We’re getting old enough that the conversion to sissy bikes is very near, but congrats! Looks like a fun ride.


hahaha. I manualed it .12 miles (confirmed by google maps) yesterday. It’s definitely fun. I’m in denial, though. I just couldn’t get more than a single speed yet. hahahaha.


Gotta go pick up my 3rd one at Apple Store South Hills Village at noon! I got lucky this time around!