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New on eBay shipped for $162. $279 at Lowes & Amazon. 3 speeds & all metal chuck & transmission. And the batteries are backwards compatible for my old drill. They’re not Li-Ion but they’re at least the better XRP.

for a gift
for myself


Safecraft 5lbs SFI-approved Halon fire suppression system:


Right-side Net (just like a window net but to the driver’s right):

Momo 330mm “Mod78” Steering Wheel (also a quick-release for it, but no pic of that):

2x Kirkey Intermediate Road Race seats:

And a bunch 'o tubing, some bends and some welds that will look pretty much like this:

That pic is actually of a friend’s C5Z completed by the same fab-shop that’s doing my car right now.



wow, that cage looks nice


Nice TJ, the track car is coming along nicely! The fab work on your buddies C5 looks nice as well, you basically copying the cag then, or are you changing it slightly for your seat height, sitting position etc? Any pics of the upper halo and roof intersections?


Condo in Oakland.


where in hell is that in oakland? seems really nice. congrats!


20X8.5 centerline ultra smoothies for the 49


sick…i was just saying the other day as i was cleaning the wheels on an expedition how i think everything should have flat wheels with no spokes so they are easy to clean


Its about 3 blocks from Schenley Park. Its a pretty nice place, 2br 1 bath with vaulted ceilings and a decent kitchen. Ive already got paint and laminate flooring ready for it when I move up there in a few weeks.


The same fabricator is doing my cage that did my buddy’s so the cage itself, the steering wheel, the window/pass-side nets, the airbag deletes etc. will be nearly identical. However, the one pictured is using the stock C5 seat-mount studs and I believe Hardbar rails to mount that Sparco seat on the driver’s side and the stock passenger seat (he’s running TTA so he’s actually trying to keep the car heavy to meet the power to weight ratio for his ~380RWHP). Mine is going to have seat mounts integrated into the cage, including back-supports.



You fucked up man. That thing is going to go off every time your flaming self gets into the car.


WOW Mike,thats really :weak: coming from u!


and in case I don’t like the MAF one,


I bought one of these

So I could put it in here

So I could drive this

But in the down time I also bought this for when the other car breaks down

52mm Corksport radiator since the other one sucks balls.

2005 Subaru Impreza RS for the DD.


GTO wouldn’t start this morning… shitty stock tinfoil battery terminals finally shit the bed

bought these as a replacement.




^ Uh oh. Here you go again :smiley:


not going to do anything with it yet… got a good price, so i picked it up for the future.

It’s really for my quad. haha


for tuning