post your latest purchase


Got this T-shirt


:rofl: awesome


Cleveland CG14 Black Pearl 52° and 60° wedges


Where do I get that???


Ignorant hick


you must’ve missed at the bottom of the shirt where it says


That would be correct reading>me


millermatic 211


damn that is a badass machine. congrats!


that’s a nice welder… i looked at that one and then cheaped out and got a hobart


jeff where do you get your gas filled?

i’ll probably get a tank from valley national tomorrow. I’m thinking 80Cu Ft is about the max i wanna put on that cart


i deal with vinces in carnegie. welding gas in the meadowlands is cheap but little bit of a hike but you own the bottles there no lease. with smaller bottles you can buy them at vince’s. the tall bottles you have ot lease every year.


CPA Review


What firm do you work for? I just finished my CPA up last fall. The Becker stuff was amazing. I used an old set from Bisk for BEC, AUD and FAR, but after taking REG three times with Bisk, I switched to Becker and it was a lot easier. Good luck on the exams!


i set it up at work today with a small tank of c25

i figure this way it’s more portable between home and work


Is that Faygo Moon Mist on your box?


diet dew :rofl:


Nice welder. The small bottles are a PITA unless you’re moving it around a lot, and it sounds like you’re going to.

Vince’s fills CO2 tanks for use in beer tap systems for Essex dist., IIRC. Damn nice little CO2 bottles, always clean and new.

Meadowlands is where I get mine filled now, and it was less than $25 for 5 + 10 lbs. of two bottles of CO2 last time I went. Can’t beat that. Their welding gas prices were similarly competitive.


it’s senseless for me to set up a dedicated rig in one place. I’m only a mechanic and really fabrication isn’t necessary in a dealership… i’m always looking to be more versatile, though


Thanks! I just graduated in May and did the Becker Fastpass program from mid May-July; and have been looking for my first entry-level accounting gig. Haven’t had a whole lot of success yet, seeing as how most firms hiring for “entry level” accounting positions still want 1-3yrs experience. Factor in the recession and high unemployment w/ a lot of much more experienced people competing for the same lower-level accounting jobs isn’t helping much either. Hopefully I’ll land something soon & pass the CPA exam so I can climb the ladder faster.