post your latest purchase


My buddy is an accountant going for his CPA as well… I’ll have to find out where he started at right out of college maybe you could take a look at them? They’re in the south hills I know that much.


Check your PMs. I’ll put you in contact with someone from my firm. We already hired some people for this busy season, but we’re growing so I never know when we’ll add one or two more people. And our firm hires a lot of people right out of school.


Thanks man I appreciate it, PM sent.


Corsa sport for the GTO


Why bother keeping those tailpipes shiny when no one ever sees them?


You have seen them plenty this year sitting on the sidelines :smiley:


When you’re the champ, you defend your title when and where you choose to.


More like the chump…I came to the BRA this year with the sole purpose of crushing you and you didn’t even bother to bring the piece of crap…

You can say you were the champ of 2009 but you have no claims to 2010…


but I do


Bring it…


Quik rode away with the Bra 2010 trophy


2011 GMC Acadia SLE
AWD, DVD, dual sunroof, trailer package

The 2008 was FWD and went good with snow tires. Now I’ll be looking for reasons to go out and play.


Did they improve the other quirks you had on the 2008 ?


Been keeping an eye on the forums and I think they’ve addressed some, but others may be new, who knows. Definitely drives better with the DI engine and 15 more hp. The tranny (probably the programming of it) seems matched better to the engine.

I still think we could have kept the one we had, but she had a point about the nuisance of taking it in all the time, and things not seeming right with it. If this makes her happy then I’m good with it. And you have to choose your battles. coughnopoolcough :smiley:




No more Neon?!?!?


I still have it




won’t be getting rid of it anytime soon


1984 Mini Cooper RHD FS!