post your latest purchase


quit posting the cooper. That’s a keeper joe !!! :slight_smile:


same action as my previous savage 22-250. rebarreled with a shilen 8 twist tube, HS precision varminter stock, comp trigger and a CNC recoil lug. it’s got a tight neck .252 chamber and i set it up at minimum headspace

got a set of match dies and a neck turner now too


Oh fuck that is hot.


That is a great looking gun man.


Paint some balloons on it and sell it to the Circus…

They could have a bunch of clowns popping out of it…


i already took out the rear swivel stud hoping it’ll ride my rear bag better. the front stud needs to stay. i like putting the bipod on for cleaning, otherwise it just goes on for field use


Vizio320ln from wally world.

$310 + $35 2 year warranty from brick and mortar robinson.

Great for a dedicated computer hook to it. 1280x768 :boink


Finally get to move up from LS1 Edit.


congrats I have EFI LIVE as well, nice program. Most around here are hp tooners though


Copped this at Best Buy last night. 42" LED backlit LCD TV and BluRay player with 250GB hard drive and Netflix etc for $999.


Picked this up Friday its 50" 720p out the door for $600


Guess it’s new TV Time… our living room TV took a shit… picked up this 42" Panasonic Viera Plasma 720p on Friday for $499


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