post your latest purchase


Who ever guesses what this is and why I just bought it get one free use!


head light aimer


Bauer Supreme One70’s


10,000 x Magnifier to see darkstars penis ?


Is that what you’re hoping to get your one free use for?


state inspections


It’s a stand up tanning machine so he can fulfill his dream of looking like The Situation.


got this wholesaled through work, it’s sitting in my bay right now. i’ll be doing the paperwork tomorrow


nice you are finally getting your diesel! congrats


I want that but in crew cab


yeah i finally called on one that wasn’t sold, actually they didn’t have any hits on it at all. 2006 F-250 XLT reg cab 8ft bed. 51k on the clock, options were 6.0L powerstroke, torqueshift trans, foglights, running boards, and manual rear slider. getting 4 tires and rear brakes for it next week. today i did an oil change and fuel filters.

the thing is clean, bed is a little scratched up but the body is very nice, same with interior. no oil leaks on the eng anywhere so that’s a plus not to mention it runs great. already had an EGR and turbo chra done under warranty


'90 foxbody for my daughter…for now…

Porno Red



Not too bad for $1500


nice find looks pretty clean


Surprisingly not too bad…good bit of surface rust but no holes/cracks…giving it the POR-15 treatment followed by some spray undercoating…should be fun for her this winter…:eek4:


And…finally broke down and put some wheels on the Camaro…

Really cheap Jegs crap, but they don’t look bad…

I’m just super cheap when it comes to shit like this that really doesn’t make the car any faster…


Lighter wheels & skinnies up front,les rotating mass better hook etc,how does it not make the car faster?


Wow thats super clean for a 4 banger no care kinda car. nice purchase :beer:


Yeah, that’s what I thought also…I kinda felt like I was robbing them…but wtf?


Lighter - definitely…

Not skinnies…all 15x7 same as stockers…


Could i see the car with driver? :slight_smile: