post your latest purchase


And PVC pipe, copper tubing, gas pipe, elbows, blah blah blah. This may have killed my snowblower budget. :mad:


Got it cheaper than most used lids were selling for on tech so I thought i’d try it. If I don’t like it, i’ll just get a different one.


looks like the bottom of a 1950s vacuum cleaner

anyone know anything about spray in bedliners? any recommendations or input?


I like my line-x…but it was $$$


i have done a few of my own liners with u-pol’s raptor liner always looked good but never had a truck long enough to see how it holds up


i’m not gonna mess with it right now. the bed will still be there next year and i’ve spent enough money on this thing. put 4 tires on it yesterday and did rear pads/rotors today. did the tranny fluid and filter today too.


Picked this up Tuseday


Ordered this on tuesday, CZ 452 FS


RPS Billet/Carbon twin. 25lbs of hotness. Goes in today.



nice, the RPS is badass. kknow someone with that clutch and they are very happy with it.


got my block heater wiring and put it in tonight. also picked up ford’s new and improved fuel pressure regulator kit. supposed to bump pressure up to 65psi at idle


7.1 surround sound + blue ray for my hatian kids. I want them to remember how the earthquake fells


I bought sonny’s and berad virginity for $50. These 2 miserable fucks are still on Pittspeed administrator list

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Who is Berad???




Well, it’s about time…I assume you’re coming to the FLD’s this weekend then?


Thinking of going to PRP instead… Need to get some practice on the sportsman tree before going to MIR next weekend… Haven’t decided yet.


fresh meat


Sounds like a win-win in my book!

Phone a friend, get a clue.


2007 Polaris Switchback 600 CFI