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oh damn that is badass


Whitey - where you planning on riding at? I’ve always wanted to get into snowmobiling but wasn’t sure we got enough snow locally to justify it. But since I had to, I mean wanted to, buy a new SUV and it has a trailer hitch… well, it’s kind of being a poseur having a hitch with nothing to tow.


There are a ton of trails in PA( This will be my first time really getting into it so I am going to try some of those and see what I can find. Most trails are a few hours away but are still close enough to do day trips or a single over night. It is definitely a blast, I did it last year for a week and I was hooked. You and the wifey should get some! This is my 30 year old crisis toy.





50" Panasonic VIERA 1080p Plasma TC-P50G20


Reliance 10 circuit transfer switch for a portable generator. After 5 & a half days without power last winter, hooking up the generator will be much easier (and legal) with this. The power will probably never go out again as soon as I install this.


New Bosch heater valve rebuild kit. It’s nice to have heat over 45 MPH again.

4 - 225/55/16 Bridgestone Blizzack WS60’s



Just picked it up and drove down to the office. Here are some horrible pics taken in the parking garage at work:

I’ll get better pictures this weekend, but for now I just want to go drive!



very nice tj




nice did you get rid of the SUV?




I got it too. great game


Thanks everybody! Yes, I got rid of the Range. A buddy of mine has said he wanted it since the day I bought it. He offered me what I paid for it, so that was pretty hard to say no to (and was about $10k more than trade-in). I gave him the 19"s w/ MT/Rs, all the towing stuff, and everything else I had put into the truck so I think the deal worked out well for both of us. Especially since I only put like 6-7k miles on it in the 14 months I whatever I had it.

And a few sitting next to my dad’s new 1500 (5.3, Crew, Short Box, 4x4 also LTZ w/ Nav etc):



how cute they match!


Hahahah, yeah! We didn’t plan it out that way. We both knew we wanted Crew Cab, non-long bed (so on the 1500 that means it has to be a short bed, on mine it meant a regular bed), 4x4s. I actually was pretty set on getting white but at the last minute I decided I just didn’t want the “work truck” look. I really would have liked black, but I really didn’t want to deal with keeping a dark color truck clean, and going to Idaho and such it’d get trail stripes which would look horrible on a dark color. As it turned out in what they had on the lot and/or could located we ended up with nearly identical trucks. Haha.



oh yeah, and 6 of these


Do you believe in the Stanadyne? Some guys swear buy it… some think it’s snake-oil.