post your latest purchase


well got a cam as an anni gift so i decided to bite the bullet and do the other shit and hopefully get it installed soon…

1-7/8 primary headers to full 3" to muffla’s no cats
231/236 cam from tsp and the supporting springs and cam gears etc etc etc… hopefully do 470ish rwhp by xmas :slight_smile:


when what is xmas?


right after the 2nd tuesday of each week.


with how shitty fuel quality is around here you definitely need to run some kind of cetane additive, i’ve been running motorcraft cetane boost and i believe stanadyne most likely makes it for motorcraft only in a less concentrated formula. it smells the same thats for sure.

any time you have an egr cooled engine you’re putting a lot of exhaust into the intake. the less carbon the exhaust the less chance you have for sticking turbo vanes or egr valves. cetane increases burn temp for more complete combustion. we all know heat is everything for diesel engines and cetane boost has always been highly recommended among ford technicians

also ulsd is very dry as far as diesel fuel goes. any kind of additive should have better lubricating properities


Very nice!!!

Cool, I’ve been thinking of getting a case of the same stuff. BTW, my buddy sells these for 6.0Ls you might want to look at. I think he’s going to be re-tooling for all stainless soon.



To complement the truck, 28’ Exiss AL enclosed. Winch, cabinets, awning, tire racks, nice generator etc:

Loading up the POS Galant VR4 (which is still broken, caps blew out in the PCM now… grrrrrrrrr who the fuck let me buy a DSM!!!). And yes… my friends thought it was necessary to make various hand gestures when I took the pics:



U do know ur vette’s newer than a 78?


And I race w/ number 33. The previous owner of the trailer had a C5 race car (world challenge type build) that was #78.



o i c


Are those factory wheels on the Duramax? Those look good.


Thanks. They are stock, but optional 20"s.



Pair of Bauer Supreme TotalOne skates.


Left front control arm/ball joint


Why in the world would you only replace one? Did you literally just do the other one?


Don’t even have 1000 miles on the other side. I drive a hooptie, not a race car… I think it will be okay.


/\ and that’s why you do both sides when you can… the other is usually soon to follow and you end up doing two alignments- except it sounds like this is the one that followed



Why only one wheels & tire?


Alignment? Psh. That’s been on the list since before the 1st one went.


had to put a ficm in my truck yesterday. nearly $500 my cost. i suspected this thing was on its way out and i found out for sure that’s what the problem was

truck had no power cold and had a slightly rough cold start. definitely sucks but atleast now the thing runs a lot better. eventually it would have left me stranded some where