post your latest purchase


oh yeah…


burnyd is alive?


nice set up tj


Coolermaster CM690 Advance II Case for my new 8TB home media server build.


^^ … sucks but no amount of TB in your media center will get you any closer to a real vagina… sorry bro


Thanks… Glad that’s what this thread was about.


waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan sk360 :crying: more then my grandson!LOL


Could probably run World of Warcraft at full tilt boogie on that bad boy though!


Im sure this has been said to sonny, he is simply repeating it to others…


Went and picked up a little Xmas present to myself today…

(I’d like to point out the poor miss-treated trailer isn’t mine)

2007 BuggyWorks, “just” a 280hp Honda 3.5L V6 (yes… me the Chevy guy got something HonDUH powered) with a 091. King suspension w/ Triple Bypasses in the rear. I’ve been duning for years with friends, I figured it was time I got my first car and for now I think this will work great. I leave Sun AM for a week in Glamis (where I’ll wish I had bought a V8 car :wink: ) but I mostly go to Pismo where the V8 cars just aren’t usable.

The LML Duramax barely even notices the open trailer and ~1600lbs car!

And obviously those are just load tires on the back. Here’s what she actually looks like:



all you need is a silver trailer and you are set


I know… I was joking I’m going to have to do a silver wrap on my trailer (white enclosed a few posts back).



damn that looks like it would be hella fun


The turbo…not the hardhat.


For the Civic? rubs eyes Really?


: )!!!


Yeah. Finally going to switch stuff up this year. Hopefully I’ll have it done by early summer…if not then I’ll just have more time to mess with it. Selling a ton of my parts if anyone needs anything.

That’s where I’ve been lately. With the house, car, etc. Not too much interwebz timez!


2011 Yukon Denali 6.2L Vortec V8 White Diamond TriCoat with all options but power running boards and engine heater block. Loaded otherwise.




Damn that’s nice.