Price per pound for Aluminum scrap

Hey anyone know the price per pound for aluminum nowadays, i got few heads, intakes, blocks in such im gonna be scrapping. Just wondering how much its goin for nowadays

clean,i think its 60 cents a pound!


The alum market is currently at .816 cents per pound, scrap will be less than this but not too far off.

Copper is where the $$$$$$$$ is these days. Those old school radiators and heater cores are worth some scrap money…

hmm think i got a copper rad or two layin around

yeah im about to take 4 bmw rims… maybe 9 if i don t sell the ones on ebay… and probally about 10 mazda stock rims… and the pile of aluminum i have in my back room…

i heard it was 48 cents a pound… but i dunno…

i am getting 9 bucks a rim right now. and liek 1 a rad for alum, and more for old copper ones.

9 bucks wear!?

i’ll get you the number of the guy. same guy who buys our cats, and our junk aluminium. low point last summer, it was 8 bucks a wheel. when scrap went up, it rose to 12 a wheel. it is a flat rate-- so a 13 inch rim gets same as a 17 inch or a suv.

send the number this way :wink:

does he drive a red dogde p/u named harry?

My dad and I have a shit load of aluminum siding we took off of our house. Where is the best place to take that? There is a scrap yard nearby but I will have to see what the rates are. Maybe some better rates toward the city??

tims pap… thats who i take my aluminum to…

i got a ton of cat’s behind the shed give me that guy’s number !!! powers only pay’s 5 bucks each


thomas cores 724-547-9416