Scrap metal

Anyone pay for this junk? or can someone recommend me a place to bring it to locally. Thanks.

Local in Rochester? Not many people will probably know on here, did you try

not far at all so I guess I’ll just bring it there. How much do they normally pay per pound for steel or iron?

Depends on the area and current pricing, but two weeks ago it was about $260/ton for shit(cars, appliances, HVAC, etc) and almost $300 ton for clean cast iron(knuckles, engine blocks, etc, etc) Those prices were a bit higher than normal.

Aluminum I haven’t checked or scrapped lately so I can’t tell you there…

You are back in town right? Freedmans I think is the name, in Cohoes next to the dump. I havnt been there myself in a while, but my pops takes all the scrap metal from time to time for me in the dump cart. Easy in easy out last I remember.

Thats the closest one I know of to clifton park for you.

NHKelman on euclid st in cohoes

kelmans is your best bet pay more then fredmans and dude that work there ar descent…

Anyone on here want to come get it and scrap it for me? I’m not allowed out of the house for another week due to surgery I just had. I’d love to get a 20 for it all just for the fact that its all clean metal and a few hundred pounds of it.

I really just need it cleared out of the garage.

paging built not bought… id do it for ya but dont wanna stress out the elcamino…

If i get a day off this week I could swing by and grab it all from ya.

sounds good, just let me know when.

How much is there where r u located

off exit 10, its tough to estimate weight obviously, but its a lot for loose parts. 3 or 4 honda crank shafts, a few axles, and an old hitch are probably the heaviest parts.

I’m heading up to cp in a half hour. Doesn’t seem like there’s a lot of value to it. If it’s more then I sounds I’d through you some cash but I’d have to see it first. But since I’m up that way if you just want it gone I can scoop it up when I leave the dentist. Call my cell 8580119 if u want it d