Project Pathfinder

Well the project begins, my headers will be the first addition to this vehical that is all show and no go.

due to nissans fairly wide 3.0 block and the narrow engine compartment of the pathfinder, the headers on the pathfinder form a almost 90 degree angle off the bock and then take a down turn to the y pipe with another near 90 angle, to relive this restriction i purchased a set of pacesetter headers which flow from the block into a 1 inch pipe to the collector which is 2.0 inch

install pics
-Drivers side with factory headers

-Passenger side with factory headers

-Removal of inner fender shows access area

-view of drivers side header

-shows you how restrictive the factory exhaust manifolds are

-finshed pass side

-finshed Driver side

-finished underbody pass side

-finshed underbody drivers side

the tolerences are so close to parts such as steering shafts and my front drive shaft that is not in in the pics, ugh it should be interesting hopefully not to many melted lines…

-Well this phase has come to an end, a under body shot showing the magnaflow muffler and the flow through glass pack. Note that the the crossover for the single exhaust goes underneath the t-case skid plate!!! i lost about 3 inchs of ground clearance

Thanks to the people at PARK MUFFLER for doing great work

Give me a call if you need some help, did you buy new exhaust studs to go with the headers?

all new hardware, studs, nuts those washers that cost 60 bucks for 24 good thing i know ppl the best part is that none of the studs are broken, at least on the drivers side

Thats what you call all show? :E

Thats what you call all show? :E[/quote]
Dave …Be nice. :lol:

Are you getting rid of the EGR system?

no i am not getting rid of the EGR system, the headers i purchased have a bung welded to it, plug and play. i should have the driver side header off tonight if i get some of this metal cut what i would give for a cutting torch or a plazma cutter right now.

That saw really helped. :E

updated, header pics

Bryce, have you fired the Pathy yet? I’d love to hear how it sounds now. :smiley:

thanks rob for the tip, all the studs came out no prob, the fun part begins now putting in the goodies… untill i have to tear apart the other side :roll:

Good to hear it worked. The studs are a pain to take out.

some new pics

make sure you start it and drive it downthe street andback with headers on thats it…the sound will enlighten you.

even better than driving it down the street i am driving it to park muffler in shpk, and i live south side :smiley: :slight_smile: :!:

park muffler is the best place i have been to haha…i drove back to my house the day they removed my cat bolts.

My favorite pic

“are your studs turbo charged”

pic of exhaust system up

here in wpg a guy supposedly owns a pathfinder with a VG30DETT in it. (rumors:D)

he also owns an Rb26DETT powered 240Z. he’s currently working on an S14 KA-t, some of you have probably heard of him already. worked with phat ka-t to make the ford c4 trans mate to the ka block.

On paper that conversion is simple. mostly bolt up parts, but when you realize how narrow the engine bay is and how wide the turbos sit out, you would have to lift it by 5 inch and have the turbos sticking out into the wheel well. so you prob would not want to drive it in fear of cracking the housing, with rocks, mud, water.

never the less, i dont see much of a use of a turbo on a pathfinder due to the fact that you would have to be driving it hard and i only need power off road, in mud and climbing hills, which is all done under 2000, or 2500