Propane vs R134a vs R12

On such a hot ass day - I feel like, discussing different gasses we can use as refridgerants…

Propane is freakin stupid cold when decompressed - but I think the whole entire “being flammable” thing kinda screws stuff up. Just how exactly flammable/combustible is it?

R12 is like, horrendous for the ozone layer but apparently a better refridgerant than R134a, but what about propane?

R134a is like, semi-safe and shiet, but doesn’t cool as well as R12 and doesn’t ignite like propane?

Am I correct?

Buddy are you serious? You’ve never BBQ’d on a propane grill? :eek:

hahahha… Stupid Howard…

There are places over seas that run propane in AC systems…

I know you have to purge the whole AC system…and run diffrent compressor oil when you switch from R12 -> R134a…so I have no idea what you would need to do to run propane.

To add some info to the thread…many of the older refrigerants are still available, but they’re priced outrageously to strongly encourage upgrading to a newer setup. If everything in your AC system works and it’s just empty or low on refrigerant, it’s usually cheaper to pay the outrageous price to refill it rather than convert. That is unless you can find the newer style components in a junk yard or from someone who removed their AC.

That’s about the extent of my AC knowledge as I don’t run it in my car. :wink:

doesn’t propane kinda smell nasty too? :stuck_out_tongue:

Not really an issue…if your AC system is leaking its not going to work anyways.

rumor has it that a single grill size propane tank can level a city block… thus the reason apartment complexes don’t allow propane grills…

Yea… for those especially HOT days… when my car reaches 120degrees inside… I would really love a 5gallon bomb in my backseat… ya know… to cool me down.

Howabout water? In a mist form can lower ambient temprature 10-20 degrees. Get a misty mate and call it a day… unless you like staying cool, BBQing , and blowing up, all in one unit… then go with propane.

Thats just a rumor. I’ve seen them blow up on videos… its big… but only house big

What’re we using propane for?

Cooling the intake, or the interior of your car? lol

just about anything can be used as refregerant. Ive seen amonia setups in factorys, as well as water, there is also some new thing they are using in europe thats supposed to last alot longer then normal ones, but it cant seem to get passed for use here.

grill size = bye bye house

the huge filler tanks that fill grill sized tanks = bye bye neighborhood

I thought that they got one of their propane tank bombs to blow up when those two guys attacked Columbine HS?

so when did they change to the new 14a refrigerant in cars. The girls focus sucks ass on hot days… and no-one on the focus forums seems to know why.

I always thought that any gas would work as a refrigerant. just the inert ones such as freon are safe for compression in Ac units. propane probably wouldnt be a wise choice.

Ok… I’ll assume we’re talking about cooling the intake or IC.

There is a CO2 kit available to cool these items off.

If we’re talking about injection (which we aren’t) There are propane INJECTION kits, however I’ve only seen them available for diesel engines.

However, for gas powered cars, I have seen a few methanol injection kits that only work for those of us running 6-15psi, or 8-30psi.

r12 and 134 ac freons(spelling)